Elder Care / Living Independent

Providing solutions for the aging In Place

Alarm BOSS have solutions that use technology to make life easier for today’s seniors and their caregivers by addressing their concerns and making it easier for them to live more confidently, more securely, and happier, allowing them to stay in their homes longer and thrive.

PRES Solutions (Personal Emergency Response System)

Completely mobile PERS on the largest cellular network with GPS and network location services providing an approximate location and location history

Product with  Most Advanced Fall Detection
Detects falls with utmost accuracy and minimized false alarms. Our fall detection methods are based on multiple motion sensors and proprietary algorithms. PERS solution can often notify the monitoring center of a fall, even if the individual is unable to activate the button themselves.


Connectivity hub for our line of personal safety wearables. Users can now choose to wear a lightweight wearable personal help button pendant, or a wrist assembly help button or a fall detector pendant. Wearable help buttons provide 24/7 safety at home when in the 300 ft range from the Smart Cradle


Our device connects wirelessly with personal medical devices*, collects and shares objective health measurement data, such as blood pressure and pulse oximetry, as well as activity data, location information, and fall events. Data is uploaded to EverThere cloud platform and accessible via any smart device. (*Future functionality)