Home Automation

Home Automation Systems enhance the quality of living desirable in a modern home. ­ease systems use modern technology to provide improved convenience, comfort, energy efficiency and security. We provide cost effective and customized solutions to meet your requirement. Our Custom-made solutions control and maintain the following:

  • Lighting Control
  • Blinds/Curtain Control
  • Air Conditioner Control
  • Multi-room Audio/Video Entertainment System
  • Security & Surveillance

Dimming & Lighting Control: Dimming Control System Dimming control systems are used mainly for creating architectural and mood lighting. Pre-programmed scenes can be set for a particular mood or occasion to enhance and improve the ambiance of areas such as Living Rooms, Bedrooms, Home ­Theatres Zones, Dining Areas etc. Other benefits include energy efficient and reduced maintenance costs through more efficient usage and longer bulb life.

Air Conditioner Control: Our solution controls the temperature in your home via Modular Digital ‑thermostats, Touch Screens and Smart Phones/Tablet PCs. We offer centralized convenience and text messaging control. The room thermostats can also be operated independently from the central system. In addition, temperature settings can be customized within the system to fit your lifestyle and comfort level for an additional increase in energy savings.

Multiple Room Audio/Video Entertainment System: We provide users with an integrated multi-room entertainment system which enables users to centralize their home entertainment equipment such as MP3, HD Movie Servers and HD digital television receivers, and enjoying audio-visual sources, independently or simultaneously through discrete high quality ceiling mounted speakers and any brand of TV or Plasma display. With this system there is no longer any need for a clutter of hi-fi equipment and wires in every room. One complete set of audio-visual equipment is hidden away together with one or more Master Control Units, in a cupboard or service room, either rack or wall mounted. All this can be controlled via wall touch screens or keypads, or by the remote control handsets.

Blind/Curtain Control System: Our Home Automation Solution digitally provides smooth control of the blinds/curtains in your home. Curtain can be controlled via the lighting control plates, touch screens and/or Smart Phones/Tablet PC

Security & Surveillance Integration: Our automation solution has a full featured security and surveillance system for Intrusion, Surveillance & Access Control. ­The systems are easy to install and simple to use with a modular design. Th­e most advanced software provides an outstanding system with flexibility to meet the needs of virtually any residential security application.

Home Automation Controllable through

  • Touch Screen
  • Mobile
  • Tablet PC
  • Smartphone
  • Laptop/Remote Access